Jake Marksbrough, 21st Century husband, father and session musician, blacks out while on holiday and wakes up in a parallel dimension where magic exists in place of technology. Discovering that this is the land of his birth and that he is the rightful heir to the throne of the Realm, a besieged empire in this war-torn world, all he really wants to do is return to his adopted home and his beloved family, but he must first accept his own magical abilities, overcome treachery and save his Realm from a terrifying alien invader. Accompanied by a loyal group of mystical warrior Mage-Knights, a beautiful emissary from an enemy nation, and with the ghost of a dead Sorcerer lodged in his head and guiding the way, Jake’s epic journey sees him face monsters, the undead and the birth of a warrior-King nature he never knew he possessed.


A fantasy novel brimming with action, humour and romance, this novel is available as an e-book on Amazon or as a paperback from Lulu.


“Excellent book, with interesting twists, full of humour and it is refreshing that it is written with a British slant.”

“Very absorbing, well worth the money! Would recommend to anyone. A good plot with a good pinch of humour.”

“Loved this book, very witty, written in fantastic detail and a perfect introduction to the genre.”