How do I let the world know about my books?

OK, so I’ve taken the plunge and decided to write full time, I’ve now got two novels on Amazon and am on the verge of releasing a third. I believe in my books, in their quality, in the fact that they are an entertaining read, but how on earth do I let the world know that? Or even that they exist?

My first novel, Realmborn, did really well, though I am racking my brains to remember how long it took for it to begin to be successful. I feel like it wasn’t that long, but in any case it was the success of this book that convinced me I could give this authoring malarkey a go.


My second novel, Silver Soldiers, has been available for purchase for a little over three weeks, and so far if you’re not related to me or one of my best friends, it’s unlikely that you’re one of the dozen people who have bought it. In fact Realmborn is still outselling it…the galling thing in my mind is that I feel that the writing in the second novel is sharper, crisper, more engaging, I just need people to give it a chance. For this to happen they need to know of its existence.


So, how do I attract attention for my books? Well, apparently reviews are the thing which help drive Amazon sales, so this morning I dedicated my life to contacting independent book reviewers and asking them very politely if they wouldn’t mind having a gander at my latest work. It was a very, very dull, repetitive morning, and I have n idea if they will even get back to me, let alone if it will do any good. But it was something to try. And as a fledgling author, feeling his way through the murky waters of self-publishing, doing something is far, far better than doing nothing.

Where there is life there is hope, as they say. So I guess where there is the potential for reviews there is hope, in my case.

Of course, if anyone reading this would like to give my books a go and leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads, please do feel free! The first chapters of each book are now available on this website, along with links to where they can be bought or read for free on Kindle Unlimited. (Realmborn here and Silver Soldiers here, for ease.) And if you like them, please do tell a friend…or ten!

I remain optimistic, I have faith in my books, and faith that people will love them, if given the chance. And so I will follow the advice I always give, and try not to freak out too much. Early days yet, plenty of time for miracles to occur and my hard work to pay off.

Hope life I treating everybody well, and as always…

…Stay Frosty, People.

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