Or some days you’re the cat, some days the litter tray, some days the monkey, some days the person having monkey poo thrown at you…however you like to think of it, the sad fact is that not every day can be a good one. Today was a lamppost/litter tray/faecal matter target kind of a day, which is why this blog is being published at 2AM instead of about 3 hours ago.

I’ll not go into specifics, I firmly believe my personal life should remain personal, but suffice to say that, for one reason and another, I did not get a chance to concentrate on my writing in the way I would have liked today. That one thing and another basically let me get the first 500 words of what turned out to be a 3000 word chapter done during the day, and I didn’t manage to get back to my keyboard till about 9.30.PM.

By 11PM I was starting to wonder about calling it quits and just finishing the damn thing tomorrow (later today, now), but by that point it had me, and there was no walking away. And so, at 1.40AM, I finally stopped typing, satisfied, happy and content…and then remembered that I’d foolishly tweeted to say that I would update my blog tonight. (I realise that there’s maybe five of you out there who regularly ready either my tweets or my blog, but I really wouldn’t want to let you down…)

And so I am blogging. Also, I apologise at the low quality of the picture today. Lighting is dim, my eyes are half closed, my beer’s gone warm…that is a classic “Almost 2 in the morning, why the **** am I blogging?!?!!?” pic.

Don’t get me wrong, by the way. I am not always as obsessive about finishing a chapter, and often I will leave it. But this one…well, it had reached a point where it was gripping me, and I always feel that’s when I do my best writing, so I persevered. And I’m glad I did, because I’m really proud of that chapter.

I’ll put up some teaser chapters of the new Realmborn novel soon, not tonight because my brain is foggy and in need of rest, but soon, though I reiterate that you should avoid these if you’ve not read the first one.

Oh, and good news, sales of Silver Soldiers are starting to pick up, but I could still do with reviews on both Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com (and Goodreads.com for that matter), so if anyone has read it and would like to leave an honest review, or if you know someone who’s read it and feel like asking them to leave an honest review, please do so. Reviews are what we, as independent authors, rely on. Well, that and the kindness of rich older ladies who like our poetry and enjoy buying us things…

OK, it’s 2.04AM, been a bit of a day but hey, got a chapter done that I’m pleased with, can I ask for more than that? Well, yes, I can ask, but I’m unlikely to get it, so let’s take what we can get, right?

Stay Frosty, People. Unless you’re asleep, in which case Stay Asleep, People.

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