Today’s image is an arty shot I am thinking of entitling Writer’s Fuel. Presumably with a snappy title like that I’ll have art galleries queuing up to display it!

Looking at it I notice I am low on coffee, I’d best remedy that fairly sharpish, it being my main source of sustenance…

I took a big step today, following feedback from my test readers I’ve finished the final draft of my third novel, a sci-fi story called Metal Blade, and I have begun the process of getting it on Amazon. With a bit of luck it should be available either to purchase as an ebook, to read for free on Kindle Unlimited, or as a paperback sometime in the next two weeks. Watch this space!

Part of the process for submitting the novel is creating a blurb for it, a snappy couple of paragraphs that hopefully entice readers into wanting to see what it’s all about. I’ve gone with the following:

Duane Steele, the cybernetic warrior known as Metal. Tomas Katana, the swordsman known as Blade. Together they were once the most celebrated bounty hunters on New Earth. Now Metal is down on his luck, Blade has retired, and both find themselves being targeted for death by the sinister Science Ministry.

They must join forces with a beautiful assassin to rescue an innocent young man who holds the secret to mankind’s survival, facing their former bounty hunting colleagues, all the power at the disposal of the psychotic Science President, and the lethal attacks of his emotionless, deadly Technical Operative, Frost.

Don’t forget you can read the first chapter here. And of course you can see excerpts from my other two novels, and details of how you can read them in the relevant pages on this site.

There’s no image for the new novel as yet, that’s all part of the process, as soon as I have a cover shot I’ll post it and update the Metal Blade page accordingly.

I’m very excited about this one, possibly even more so than I was about Silver Soldiers, having just re-read it myself I like to think that it is exciting, quick and obviously extremely well-written…fingers crossed readers agree with me!

Just a short post today, exciting things like vacuuming are calling my name, and of course I need to press on with Realmborn 2, which is now a prologue and 8 chapters, chapter 9 is also calling my name, as is a cup of coffee and an Oreo…

Hope everyone is well, Stay Frosty, People

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