So it occurred to me this evening that I am terrible at this whole self-marketing thing, quite possibly a massive detriment to an aspiring independent author who has taken the plunge to concentrate on writing full time…

I now have two novels on Amazon, a fantasy epic called Realmborn, and a more contemporary sci-fi thriller called Silver Soldiers (more details and info on how to buy them can be found on this site) and with my last paycheque from my previous employment rapidly dwindling I have been aiming for writing a chapter a day on my third novel, a Sci Fi actioner called Metal Blade. So far, twelve days, twelve chapters, all very successful.

The problem is my routine-oriented brain has got me into the habit of finishing a chapter, sending it to my test readers, then shutting down my trusty tablet and breathing a self-satisfied sigh of relief…instead of reaching out to the potential gazillions of people who might have an interest in the inner workings of my midnight-oil burning sleep-deprived mind. OK, the dozen or so people who might find it vaguely amusing. OK, just in case anyone ever stumbles across it by chance.

So tonight I finished my chapter, emailed it to my test readers, and shut down my tablet…then kicked myself, poured a beer and booted it back up. This, then, will be my new routine (hopefully without shutting it down and needing to reboot every time), a chapter, a reward, and some blogging. Sometimes short, sometimes lengthy. Sometimes to do with my life and work, sometimes about what I’ve just watched on the TV. Or, as I am now in the literary world, comments on anything I’ve read, almost certainly plucked from the massive pool of quality work by my fellow independent authors.

Tonight’s reward is a pint of Hobgoblin, a particular favourite of mine, a good, dark English real ale, very much at odds with my love of good American country music, which I have playing in the background. Kip Moore, if anyone cares to google and take a chance, That Was Us is the track I am currently listening to.

I hope that if anyone does enjoy this that they will follow my ramblings and gain some amusement from them, and if I’m just screaming into an empty void, what the hell, at least I’m trying.

As I am fond of saying to anyone panicking/getting angry/stressing out…

Stay Frosty, People.

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