OK, so I did it, I managed to not shut my tablet down after finishing a chapter, remembering to leave it on to update my blog. Hurrah, well done me!

13 days, 13 chapters, somewhere between a third and halfway through my third novel, Metal Blade. There are times when I find myself wondering if pushing myself so hard will be worth it, if anyone is ever going to read my novels, and on such occasions I try to remind myself that they already have. My first book, Realmborn, did pretty well, and got some really positive comments from readers across the globe, but was it a fluke? Having launched my second novel, Silver Soldiers, onto an unsuspecting world a few days ago I have been increasingly dispirited to see only a few electronic versions of this work I am so proud of flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves…it’s been disappointing to say the least.

And then today I received my first review for Silver Soldiers from someone I don’t know/am related to, thankfully it was a very positive one, and suddenly faith was restored. People will read it, they will leave reviews, and it is very definitely worth me persisting with my breakneck pace as long as the quality doesn’t deteriorate.  And so I am rewarding myself, this time with a glass of wine (no, my rewards to myself are not always alcoholic beverages) and an episode of the Walking Dead. I am assuming that if I continue to burn the midnight oil at the rate I am going then I will run the risk of looking like something Rick Grimes might stab through the brain, but I will also potentially finish novel number 3 by the middle of April…I think it’s a risk worth taking.

So, wine and zombie TV for me, hope everyone else out there has had as productive a day as I have.

As always, Stay Frosty, People.

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