A very, very short blog entry tonight, as plans for my evening of writing were sent astray by the skitter skitter skittering of an unwelcome visitor in one of my kitchen cupboards. Said visitor has caused the emptying of, cleaning of, and then trapping of an entire cupboard, and I am both sad and triumphant to report that whilst he screwed up my writing plans, I’m afraid I screwed up any plans he might have had for anything taking place after tonight…

Go gentle into that good night, tiny rodent, for ye shall squeak no more.

After all that chaos and disruption I did manage to finish my chapter, but at the cost of any other plans for the evening, including my dinner, which is now taking place as a midnight (ish) snack.

Usual blogging to resume tomorrow.

Stay Frosty, People. Frostier than I was when confronting my rodent invader, anyway…

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