OK, 17 chapters in 17 days, I have to say, I am pretty damn impressed with myself. I am also exhausted. That’s just shy of 35,000 words of my next novel, Metal Blade, and 35,000 words I’m actually really happy with. About halfway through, and so I think this is a pretty good point to take a break.

Partly because I think it’s  good to step away from a project for a couple of days, then come back to it, re-read the while thing and then carry on, your authorial voice renewed, partly because I could really do with a couple of nights where I sleep a bit longer than I have been (must buy more midnight oil as well), but mainly because I have an old friend coming to stay for the weekend, and I think it would be rude to greet him with the words “Great to see you, you know where the kettle is, I’m going to go write for six hours in a room on my own…”

On a serious note, I am pretty burnt out, and a couple of days not thinking about writing, or  words, or literature in general, will do me good, I think. I may not read at all for the whole weekend, ignoring texts, disregarding tweets and picking a restaurant that has pictures of the food on the menu…

So, on that note, my friends, I shall bid you a fond adieu, but only for a couple of days. Chapter 18 will be forthcoming by Monday at the latest, as will this blog. Unless there are drunken ramblings at some point in the next 48 hours, of course!

Oh, one final thing, I was trying to hustle my fiver year old along a bit, and casually said “c’mon, people, let’s move like we got a purpose”, which is when I realised that a lot of what I say is copied directly from Aliens…is this a bad thing?

Stay Frosty, People.

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